Self Correction: United Tai Chi digest 1/15/2014


  • “If I drive you to the beach each time, you’re never going to appreciate how to get there yourself, or discover new routes when you get lost.”  So goes the phrase that our instructor Christian has oft repeated.  The art of self-correction is a daily part of our Tai Chi practice. The slight external re-alignment or repositioning based on our own inner compass, once we learn not to try and mimic 100% of someone else’s frame.  This can occur once we start adopting hints from continuing a circular path in our formwork, or to hear the notes in the martial application of a posture, to follow our own breath or develop our own rootedness.   My back foot self-correction transitioning from Single Whip into Pull Down.  Your shoulder landings in Play the Pan-Pan. His center line divining before Dragon Tongue Kick. Her elbows in Neutralize.  Our height in Repulse Monkey. As in tai chi, so too in life. Some of us belong to a generation of career changers, relationship jumpers, re-locators, ponderers of our once-chosen path. Self correction. You feel the kink in the hose when something isn’t right. Is the smooth uptake of a new relationship one of the self correction points that un-knots the tube? A new career project or family endeavor? A spontaneous moment in a travel adventure that changes your course?  A Wu Wei blog I quoted in October,, reminds us that some of the things we think we want on the surface may not be what our true self is seeking, hence artificial road blocks appear in order to protect us.  The 1991 Garth Brooks #1 hit, “Unanswered Prayers also explores this phenomenon of reveling in Not getting what you only Thought you wanted, now that you know you have what you really needed.  Julia Child’s early career was as a CIA intelligence officer. Opera star Andrea Bocelli a defense attorney. Walt Disney a newspaper editor. Recording artist Sting, not the only entertainer to have been a school teacher. What are some of your storied self-correction moments?



  • Wrap-up of recent classes:  Eight pieces of brocade. More work on our transitions in pull down, shoulder strike and white crane. Your ribbon dancer of continuous circles. Martial applications for the apparent closing (or aiming for an end to your story). Sealing the foot.  Part 1 of Yang 108 done at different speeds to assess the different sensations .  Discussing the neutralize posture.  Ten Breaths qigong and getting some space opened up in your spine. Dragon Tongue Kick arm story details.  Breathing orbits. Golden Lotus qigong. 



  • Student News & Events:  Welcome back Ron, Joy and Mark and Judith that we’ve seen this week. I’ve seen, heard or lived some winter related accidents or injuries recently –be careful out there.  How are you honoring Martin Luther King civil rights day of service in your community endeavors this weekend? Coming soon… class vouchers/coupons for gifts or make-ups. We’ve an Irish music flutist in our CCNS class, and some physical therapists.  Still on the table: Friday January 31 Chinese New Year (of the horse) group celebration –one dining suggestion so far is Margaret Chao’s in Frazer on Rt 30 (if you have a favorite let me know). Welcome @integralmoving in Zurich, @taichi_cor in Spain, @wuweiwoo, @clf1836 martial arts wearables, @BUDOicast and @GoldenMonkey_1 to our Twittersphere.  And new one-time WordPress reader/visitors from Greece, Sweden and Belgium this past week.    


  • Etcetera:  “Make your great, full day a grateful day.”  – Christian Samuelson


  • Weekly Schedule:   [Holiday note: 1/20/14 = No Monday night CCNS class due to MLK school closure]


Lionville YMCA  … 100 Devon Drive  Exton PA

Mon, Weds, Fri

7:30 AM


Eagleview YMCA …699 Rice Blvd  Exton PA

Tues, Thurs

4:45 PM

Thursday Night

Lionville Natural Pharmacy    309 Gordon Dr Exton

[90 min., small   class attention, Tai Chi

 *$25 drop in   rate]



7:00 PM

Monday night

Started 1/6/14

Chester County Night School, Tai Chi class

820 Frank Rd in West Chester

$62   pre-pay for 6 classes,   Order at


(except   1/20)

7.30 PM



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 Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice    


2 thoughts on “Self Correction: United Tai Chi digest 1/15/2014

  1. Deb Orsini

    This article touched me in a special way. Everyone needs to be taught first, then we take what we absorb and run with it. To move in a way that explains,without words, my purpose in my walk with others. In Tai chi I often repeat the wrong way so that in the blink of an eye I will recognize the right way. Of course this is not recommended in the book of life. Recently I was given an opportunity to look back on many of my life’s endeavors and came to the conclusion that only through hardship and determination did I learn the essentials of life. How I practice Tai chi is no different than how I live life practicably. I have had my share of changes, what I hold close to my heart is the bare essentials, simplicity, family and making every moment count. This peaceful conclusion is the result of discovering new routes every time I was lost. Deb O.

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