Power Down: United Tai Chi digest 2/12/14


Last week the Mid-Atlantic area of the US was plunged into yet another storm system, leaving in its wake ice, snow, widespread power outages, road closures, downed trees and motor vehicle accidents. As long as you had use of a shelter, blankets, shelf-stable food-stuffs or a wood stove, often the next biggest concern for many of us in this electronic age was where can I recharge my smart phone, tablet, laptop and the like. How can I communicate? How can I get newsfeeds? How can I continue working? How can I check on a friend or relative? Evidences of our newfangled umbilical cords lined the interstitial spaces of various Panera or Wegmans or whatever Starbucks and Wawa further into town had sprung up as soon as word went out through the ginormous grapevine that any such establishment was on the grid. This was day one of the power outage for me dear friends.  Not to be content to ride out the day shunning the monkey-mindedness of being plugged in, I bore witness as one gentleman at an aforementioned establishment was running not one, but two laptops. And where he no doubt could have been emptying out some aural imbalances with a Rocking-the-Boat golden lotus qigong posture, did a BlueTooth earwig sit. Still wilted by a not-quite-over influenza bug, and attempts to corral me by the winter Chinese element of Water, I nonetheless was not practicing some quietness, mindfulness, healing, opening up my energy gates, rooting or Tai Chi circling principles. Fortunately I did start listening to my body as time went on, and indeed began to seize the moment I had in order to let go of some of what I thought I needed. And to calm down. And when I let go, things, moments and people came to me that I did need.  A 2009 episode of my beloved “NCIS” too was titled ‘Power Down’ (Season 7, episode 8) and featured a return to some old fashioned sleuthing, leg work, paperwork, mimeograph machine, lemons (!), Polaroid camera, and sardine knapsack treasure to solve a crime during a blackout.  Unplugged. Tactile. From the feet up.  Listening to your gut (2nd brain). Just the way agent Gibbs likes it.  I truly hope that each of you in the region affected by the recent storms are safe, warm and by now free of downed trees. In order to brace for another storm yet again this week.  Have a lovely Valentines’ weekend. Or for the valentine-averse, happy President’s Day.



  • Wrap-up of recent classes:  Unrelenting winter weather conditions, illnesses and the like seemed to have impacted the past couple of weeks. Tuesday some more work on the footwork and circular path transition from the end of Grasp the Sparrows Tail into Single Whip and Shoulder Strike. Also some healing Growing Like a Tree qigong, and philosophy discussion of sending the front of your spine back. Post-blackout Mondailies: Thirteen postures, disappearing, standing postures and leg strengthening, sinking/rooting, quietness of Yang 108 part I; and “Sharkey’s Machine”.


  • Student News & Events: Thank you to Chris S for the snow shovel tai chi video of Christian on our Facebook page, it was a big hit!  Thanks Ray C for and Chris M for comments on our ‘Customer Service blog post last week https://unitedtaichi.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/customer-service-united-tai-chi-digest-2514/    There is a Reiki Level 1 certification class on Sunday 2/16 at Lionville Holistic Health Center, details here http://lionvillehealth.com/schedule-of-events/   West Chester fans and friends, stay tuned for our Thursday morning classes at Eat Drink OM Yoga Café soon  http://www.eatdrinkOM.com  The spring Chester County Night School course guide is out, and once again Christian will be teaching at East Bradford Elementary starting March 17 on Monday nights (course #FH70 at  http://www.chestercountynightschool.org )  Sifu Huang has as a weekend seminar at Boston Healing Tao Feb28-March 1 in Somervile MA, details here https://www.wepay.com/events/master-huang-march-2014  I heard from Mitch Goldfarb that West Chester University’s Chinese New Year celebration was postponed from last weekend due to weather issues.  Welcome @sphuh fro Korea @tareknavi from Germany to our Twittersphere, and a new WordPress viewer from India recently. Facebook fans of the day, Robert O from Hawaii, Dante S (a Night Ranger fan!), and local Eagles fan Jt M …and hey, I see a lot of Samuelsons on their recently (hi!).


  • Etcetera:  Thanks much to a snowbird Chris M, emailing from afar her commentary about our Customer Service blog post last week: “I appreciate your comments this week all the more as I complain to myself and have to force myself to workout with weights at a local fitness center. The reason for the force, not one person that I have to be accountable to, as in a teacher who puts out the effort, so I should put out the response. Christian certainly puts out the effort and it is much appreciated, as is your weekly update.”


  • Weekly Schedule:   



Lionville YMCA  … 100 Devon Drive  Exton PA

Mon, Weds, Fri

7:30 AM


Eagleview YMCA …699 Rice Blvd  Exton PA

Tues, Thurs

4:45 PM

Thursday Night

Lionville Natural Pharmacy    309 Gordon Dr Exton

[90 min., small   class attention, Tai Chi

 *$25 drop in   rate]



7:00 PM

Monday night


Chester County Night School, Tai Chi class

820 Frank Rd in West Chester

Pre-pay,   6-7 week . Next new session in March http://www.chestercountynightschool.org



7.30 PM

Coming   Soon

Thurs AM’s

Tai Chi classes at Eat Drink OM Yoga Café

124 E. Gay St in West Chester  $15 each   drop-in



7:30 AM



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 Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice     unitedtaichi@gmail.com    


5 thoughts on “Power Down: United Tai Chi digest 2/12/14

  1. Deb Orsini

    Enjoyed the article on squatting. Reminded me of how much I love to squat along with deadlifts. For me, strength, endurance and flexibility are key. Tai chi always had it’s place in all this, for without it I would never have known the sense of quietness and focus. Of course I now know it’s not how big you are. Chi is what makes us strong, not our muscles, but I must admit I do love those muscles. Here’s to getting back to the gym, strong bodies, minds and souls. It’s an amazing feeling to pull from the earth and squat or deadlift. I would picture what I wanted to look like and break the wall, oh for the amazing power of chi! Deb O.

  2. Deb Orsini

    Tai chi and the word healing are synchronous. No matter what the topic, healing will always slip in there somewhere. It brought to my attention as to why tai chi has always been important to me. In my life some of the things that always came easily to me and were fun have started to become a struggle. I see more and more how it’s time to stop chasing the world and time to move at my own pace and see the world. One thing that has kept is my passion for tai chi, or as strange as it sounds I believe it has kept me. Tai chi is always on, in and around me. It’s the healing power of chi, no matter how strange, impossible, scaring or unknown the situation, that has always risen above and opened my eyes to what I call staying power. Thank you to my teachers who have and still continue to open my eyes.

    1. United Tai Chi Post author

      Its trying to teach me this week especially not to demand, not to fight, not to talk from the front of my chest. But that is really hard. Baby steps. Maybe it will change my weekend, or at least my Thursday.

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