Redirect: United Tai Chi digest 3/5/14

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  • The past several days have been a great exercise for me in ‘living the art’, finding ways that tai chi principles can appear or impact other experiences, daily activities or observations. This is about the receiving of a (real or perceived) attack, digesting or understanding that information, and redirecting the energy or finding ways to dissipate it before formatting a response.  A journey of X’s and O’s, or a round of Push Hands.  I was away this weekend at a qi gong workshop in the Boston area, and over the course of the before-during-and- after, I had both some bumps along the road and ways to redirect, dissipate, reformat, or delay.  Herein, the push, attack, or ‘incoming missile’ as our local teacher likes to say… (1) In matters of the heart, a man I care very deeply about and spent a lot of time with has only just recently expressed a need for a step back –adamant about not getting too serious, too fast with one person; and also relayed some other roadblocks.  The dreamer in me who sticks to love like a tree frog was crushed.  (2) In matters of work or professionalism, uncertainty, masquerading at alternating times as disappointment or lopsided opportunity –to either fail or succeed. Amidst upcoming changes at Employer X, a request for a letter of intent and feelers for adaptability. Partnered with what may have seemed at first like a lateral opportunity in a related capacity further away.  (3) In matters of the actual journey and its logistics, part A of the trip took much longer than anticipated and involved being a bit lost and traffic snarls. Part B return side saw seat partner issues, (very fidgety and vocal young girl, versus frequent self-thigh-rubbing adult male) and airport shuttle pickup 180 degree decisions.  And now for the redirect…(1) Heart.  Since were both away for the weekend we got off the texting merry-go-round and I took a qi gong 10 Steps breath and some Phoenix bagua torso spiraling to format some thought out, reasoned and touching replies. This week the door of communication is still open, vibrant and negotiable and I’m still in the game. (2) Work. I took a long time forming and crafting my intention, not writing anything up until after my trip, and allowing Rhino and Lion bagua animals to help me with diagnosing sore spots and finding my playfulness, my center point, rootedness and determination. While also having a good interview discussion in a head space where I felt good about my skills. (3) Travel.  The long journey up or the detours nonetheless was shared by my car pool friendly life raft mates in the sea of romantic despair, like the 10 breaths opening bow aligning the spine.  A straight spine, relaxed tailbone and concave chest are your wingmen. As for the return trip, the fidgety young girl said she liked my hair, so of course I melted a bit, and the thigh-rubber I put out of my head by secretly doing Bear bagua animal posture internally. And the shuttle driver who suddenly changed his mind from a 60 minute wait to a 15 minute wait after I just got a first bite of an attempted lunch, well I just had to swallow my reaction like Rooster, settle my bones to water and turn around.  Of course, these past few days and all these push vs. redirects helps me in my thought process to decide what things and people I want to stick it out and fight for.  But slowly. Slow fighting, Kind of like Tai Chi. 



  • Wrap-up of recent classes:  Growing like a tree qigong, revisiting the ’13 Posture’ sections of “Look”, “Gaze” and Center”, more discourse on the ocean waves metaphor of receding/growing/crashing. A bit of Golden Lotus qigong postures, linking/transitioning, driving with the heel or ‘tailbone’ of the palm, and the uncoil & sink of Play the Pan Pan. And winter weather has impacted our class schedule once again this week.


  • Student News & Events: Welcome back Esther, Marcia, Audrey & John F. Thank you to old friends and new at the Master Wei Lun Huang workshop at Boston Healing Tao this past weekend, and a huge thanks to Steve G for the driving (and Steve and Phil for sharing their car space with someone who definitely needed a healing weekend).  Marie at BHT shot some photos from the workshop that you can view here  Christian did have some enthusiastic attendees at the Eat Drink Ohm Yoga Café class in West Chester last week. Also don’t forget the YMCA blood drive coming up on 3/28, the Chester County Night School tai chi class spring session 3/17 start, and World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on April 26 (stay tuned for more updates TBD). To any military veterans, any of Christian’s non-YMCA classes are free of charge. Among Twitter friends, Light House Tai Chi in the UK is having a tai chi sword course next weekend to sold-out interest. In WordPress news, someone in New Zealand has found and read our blog this week, and a new subscriber is GiftFromTheHeart. Our FB engagement rate is up over 400% for the week ending March 2. Facebook Fans of the Day: Amber a local in Chester County PA, and also Deb S in Ontario. Welcome!


  • Etcetera:  Aha, see, not all anger is unhealthy nor should be squelched.  Balanced anger, or what the Chinese medical theory calls righteous anger, is not only healthy, but essential to life. This is the energy that fuels action, the energy that enables people to right wrongs, to seek justice, and to actively build a better society.” [Sifu Anthony K of]


  • Weekly Schedule:   NOTE: Any Non-YMCA class offsite = FREE to Military Veterans!



Lionville YMCA  … 100 Devon Drive  Exton PA

Mon, Weds, Fri

7:30 AM


Eagleview YMCA …699 Rice Blvd  Exton PA

Tues, Thurs

4:45 PM

Thursday Night

Lionville Natural Pharmacy    309 Gordon Dr Exton

 90 min., small class attention, Tai Chi &   mixed

 *$25 drop in   rate



7:00 PM

Monday night

3/17   starts


Chester County Night School, Tai Chi class

820 Frank Rd in West Chester

Pre-pay, multi-week   . Next new session on 3/17



7.30 PM

Thursday   morning

Tai Chi classes at Eat Drink OM Yoga Café

124 E. Gay St in West Chester

 $15 drop in rate each class



7:30 AM



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Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice    


One thought on “Redirect: United Tai Chi digest 3/5/14

  1. Deb Orsini

    Qi gong is the foundation, cornerstone and rock of all martial arts. As I found myself standing at the crossroads of my life, it was again time to find new direction. Sadly, the art I so love was losing my attention. These are the times I must stand strong and make the right choice. Teacher’s are priceless. There is always someone who knows more than I do, thank God! Although the ultimate choice is mine; direction, guidance and leadership from the right source is paramount. Asking a long time practitioner of hard core everything to stand in a motionless stance and FEEL all internal emotions and energies, both physical and mental, RELAX, is paramount if not unheard of. I’m taking one day at a time, for this type of learning is more intense than anything I’ve known. What’s surprising is how it has deepened my love for tai chi, allowing me to explore new horizons, revealing and opening new doors to this ancient art. There are no words explaining qi gong, it’s too expanse. As with all good things, some days are better than others, but the drive to endure is getting stronger. Thank you again to my teacher, there are devoted teachers who share the art as we visit different dojo’s, but as a student of the art, only my teacher knows what I need and takes care of HIS students. A tradition of the ages. First and foremost I thank my God who shows me great and mighty things. Recognition is prideful, but has it’s place when a student is thanking a teacher, Christian Samuelson.


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