Daylight Savings: United Tai Chi digest 3/12/14


  • Finished your dinner and the sun still hasn’t gone down yet?  Has it made you start thinking about your gardens, outdoor fitness activities, yard implements and a general improvement in mood? In our “Winter Solstice” blog from mid-December we talked about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the wellness impact of fewer daylight hours in the winter. It is no secret that to have sunlight shining in our eyeballs and warming our bones acts as a natural mood lifter in the earth-bound world, and we find that sensation mimicked in some of our internal arts practices. Regardless of its perceived impact on energy usage, economics, agrarian society, sporting activities and crime, the adoption of DST (daylight savings time) sets up a moderate personal physical change. Like a bell that rings just before spring comes, perhaps eliciting a Pavlovian type response to seek out the brightness.  One of the postures in the Golden Lotus Qi Gong healing modality set is in fact “Golden Light Shines in the Eyes”.  Master Wei Lun Huang relays the importance of the imagination here– looking to the horizon seeing the sun come up and drawing that sunlight from your fingertips up from the horizon and pouring  that light directly into your eyes.  Then the eyes look deep into your brain and your spine, one vertebrae at a time, as the ‘sun’ makes a 360 degree journey over your body from the front of the feet to the top of your head and down the back of your spine. This aims to introduce warm energy throughout the entire body. We all could do with some extra light in our life by this time of year. What will you do with your extra evening hour of daylight this week?


  • Shares/Finds: A Twitter connection, @openblackbelt, wanted to share this found list of 14 Martial Arts Movies everyone should see.  Also any local area yoga fans, on Saturday May 10 is the Philadelphia area yoga festival Namas Day. Details at


  • Wrap-up of recent classes: Eight powers and five directions, 7 lords ‘a leaping, floating the boat and Push Hands philosophy, and using the palm/tailbone of the Earth hand to drive not only Brush Knee but many other postures. More practice on using weight shifts and hip positions as foot re-directional, 13 Postures, neutralize and staying in your harmonies.  Spiraling, the 70% rule, questions about Scoop the Water, listening to your body, dandelion roots, and Parry Re-direct. A practice in slowing down the postures while still maintaining movement. And how the kidney positions impact your elbows and arms in any Wipe Off or Push posture.


  • Student News & Events: Don’t forget our new Thursday morning class 7.30am in West Chester at Eat Drink Om Yoga Café.  New session of Christian’s Chester County Night School tai chi class on Monday nights starts on 3/17. New item: student practice sessions drop-in (sans instructor) Mondays at 1.30pm at Lionville Holistic Health Center in Exton. Those planning ahead any summer weekend jaunts, the National Qi Gong Association is having their annual conference in King of Prussia PA on July 25-27, details here   Blood Drive, Lionville YMCA on March 28, appointments at and use our sponsor code lionville. April 26 is the annual celebration of World Tai Chi Day, stay tuned for more news on this.  My singles group is having a St Patrick’s Day lunch at the Downingtown branch of Molly Maguires on Saturday 3/15 at 1pm if any of you locals want to stop by that afternoon and share a bite.  In WordPress news, someone in Slovenia checked us out a few days ago, and a gravatar named Don Charisma is a new subscriber (hopefully my charisma is readily apparent so I don’t have to remember to don it from time to time).  Facebook Fans of the Day: Antly R in Michigan, Lionville Holistic Health, and the Universal Tai Ahom Association. 


  • Weekly Schedule:   NOTE: Any Non-YMCA class offsite = FREE to Military Veterans!



Lionville YMCA  … 100 Devon Drive  Exton PA

Mon, Weds, Fri

7:30 AM


Eagleview YMCA …699 Rice Blvd  Exton PA

Tues, Thurs

4:45 PM

Thursday Night

Lionville Natural Pharmacy    309 Gordon Dr Exton

 90 min., small class attention, Tai Chi &   mixed

 *$25 drop in   rate



7:00 PM

Monday night

3/17   starts


Chester County Night School, Tai Chi class

820 Frank Rd in West Chester

Pre-pay, multi-week   . Next new session on 3/17



7.30 PM

Thursday   morning

Tai Chi classes at Eat Drink OM Yoga Café

124 E. Gay St in West Chester

 $15 drop in rate each class



7:30 AM


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 Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice    


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