The Crossing: United Tai Chi digest 4/1/14


  • Another gem in our ‘living the art’ discussions, where we translate Tai Chi classroom moments into the daily lives we inhabit.  This one is about trust, chances, or leaps of faith. Last week our instructor Christian finished a class making an analogy about trying to cross the street alone, yet still taking tentative steps holding onto someone’s hand, until we can learn to trust and let go enough to finish crossing the street by ourselves. In some ways he was referencing the path we take as students –physically, mentally and emotionally, in our learning of the postures, forms, internal connections and energies.  And how we shouldn’t expect it to come all at once. We are still holding on a little bit to someone’s hand, but making small incremental attempts at building enough trust to let go and walk on our own.  To achieve something meaningful and worthwhile without rushing it or expecting to make it to the other side before we are ready.  Before we are ready to not only listen to ourselves, but to understand and receive information from those around us –be it opponents, competitors, loved ones, family, an important new relationship where we need to practice our rooting, awareness and openness. Openness is a little scary and vulnerable, like trying to cross the street by yourself for the first time. Trust is valuable. Trust is love. And day by day, we will know a little better when we can finally cross the street unassisted to arrive at something wonderful. 


  • Shares/Find: Even the First Lady, Mrs. Obama, is interested in trying Tai Chi, see the news clipping here This is a site where you can stay abreast of World Tai Chi Day news and events globally  


  • NEW CLASS ALERT: Saturday mornings 10.30am (60 minute) at Eat Drink Om Café in West Chester. And starting April 12, an added Saturday class at Blue Buddha Studio in Glenmoore at 12:00 pm (90 minute). See prices and addresses below in the schedule table. For any of our non-YMCA site classes, war veterans may attend free of charge!


  • Wrap-up of recent classes: Practicing the postures to both sides. Some part II yang 108 work at Blue Buddha. Brush knee drills broken down into isolated parts at first to see and feel the subtleties. Relaxed arms, hands, shoulders and wrists move more efficiently or faster than stiff tension.  Body opening work (dragon, phoenix) for the early birds at afternoon class. Play the pan pan footwork variety and coiling notes. Kidney and elbow stories throughout the form.  Transitions between postures and where we find the Sweeping the Lotus Leaves connector transition for example. Reminders not to try and mock someone else (student, teacher) and go at your own flexibility or strength. A bit of push hands warm up practice—maintaining a connection with your partner and building energy. Defining the edges of the self in a qigong opening posture and clearing the energy fields; a few pieces of Golden Lotus, part I of Yang 108, dispelling shoulder tension for Dragon Tongue Kick, review  of the foot alignments in Single Whip. Ten breaths. Awareness and understanding of your tension spots when holding postures.


  • Student News & Events: Welcome to the new bi-weekly reduced newsletter frequency. Heard from Ellen W who says surgery went well, however it will be several weeks before she is able to re-join the Tai Chi classes. Thanks so much to Tai Chi students who joined out Red Cross Blood Drive at the Y on March 28 –we had over 60 donors and help save over 180 lives! Steve G is off to California late next week for a Yoga study program and we wish him well. Claudia recently attended a Lomi Lomi massage continuing education in Pottstown. Try out one of our new classes (addresses in the schedule grid below) at Blue Buddha Studio (Tues/Sat) in Glenmoore, and Eat Drink Om Yoga Café in West Chester (Thur/Sat). Master Wei Lun Huang (“Sifu”) will be conducting a local 2-day workshop at Dragon Gym in Exton on May 17 & 18 with details here . Also he sent us some notes about his recent Tai Chi cruise and information about his fall 2014 Wakulla Springs Seminar, which I have attached here as a word document for our E-list subscribers. April 26 is the annual celebration of World Tai Chi Day, stay tuned for more related news. In the Twittersphere, welcome new followers @PeterFIeldHypno, @NormanBuffong, @ZiLiving. Thanks Yogibattle on WordPress for ‘liking’ our Rumspringa post last month. A big Facebook welcome to new friends Jeanne W and Jamee C recently.


  • Etcetera: “Too much intention on the wrong place can set you back instead of move you forward.” – Christian S.


  • Weekly Schedule: Honoring our War Veterans/VFW –any non-YMCA class FREE






  1. Lionville Community YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA


  1. East Bradford Elementary, 820 Frank Rd, West Chester PA through Chester County Night School



$72 for 7weeks



7.30 pm


  1. Eagleview YMCA, 699 Rice Blvd, Exton PA


  1. Blue Buddha Studio,  1247 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore PA



$15 drop-in

4.45 pm


7.15 pm


  1. Lionville Community YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA




  1.  Eat Drink Om Yoga Café, 124 E. Gay St, West Chester PA


  1. Eagleview YMCA, 699 Rice Blvd, Exton PA


  1. Lionville Holistic Health Center Natural Pharmacy, 309 Gordon Drive in Exton PA

$15 drop-in




$25 drop-in

(90 mins)

7.30 am


4.45 pm


7.00 pm


  1. Student practice session/no instructor:  Lionville YMCA


  1. Daytime private lesson available pending schedule, by request



See instructor

7.30 am


See instructor


  1. Eat Drink Om Yoga Café, 124 E. Gay St, West Chester PA


  1. Blue Buddha Studio, 1247 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore PA (starts on April 12th)

$15 drop-in


$25 drop-in

(90 min)

10.30 a


12:00 p



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Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice    


2 thoughts on “The Crossing: United Tai Chi digest 4/1/14

  1. Deb Orsini

    I very much enjoyed how you spoke about trust, love, chances and leaps of faith. Linking it to everything from the art to everyday lives. Trust is valuable, it provides safety, therefore allowing us to be guided and others to walk with us. Very special. Deb

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