AGELESS: United Tai Chi digest 8/4/14

  • Kind birthday wishes go out to one of our mentors, Master Wei Lun Huang (sifu) this past weekend. A fine example of aging gracefully with internal arts. Celebrating also our own ageless students and friends, making their ‘golden years golden’ with our weekly Tai Chi classes and who share stories of vacation or at-home practice. Tsung Hwa Jou, in The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation, is but one of many who shows us health and vitality in his 80s after practicing tai chi, qigong and meditation for over 30 years, despite health set backs in his late 40s. Deng Ming Dao, in The Wandering Taoist mentions renewal and rejuvenation when one gives undivided attention to integration with the energy of the Tao “then one can become like a newborn infant.” In Tai Chi: Health for Life practitioner and speaker Bruce Frantzis advises “if you heed the wale-up calls you will realize that you can reverse the damages and begin to regenerate yourself, regardless of your real age. Chronological age and functional age do not always go together. Tai Chi’s goal is to make you functionally younger.”  Hypertension impact, balance and reduced falls, bone density, spinal health –these are but a few of the oft mentioned benefits of Tai Chi as we enter our ‘mature’ years. Stay strong my friends!


  • Student News & Events: Saturday August 9th at 9:00 AM Christian will be conducting a qigong workshop outside at the Blue Buddha Studio at 1247 Pottstown Pike (route 100) in Glenmoore. Bring a water bottle, and a mat/towel/blanket. Price is $15 PER HOUR and runs from 9am to 12pm drop-in. We will be starting a United Tai Chi Travel-Education fundraising account to assist in instructor trainings (an investment that comes back to you with shared knowledge) more details TBD.  Our own Tedd Nawalinski, PhD shared with us some copies of his “The Science of Qigong Healing” booklet, citing case studies, applications, and references on the effects of qigong.  (See Ted or Christian to borrow a copy) or you can download a PDF here. Master Wei Lun Huang will be in the Philadelphia area once again this year, so here is another chance to study with this tai chi master if you missed his Dragon Gym workshop in May.  He will be at the Masonic Lodge in Broomall PA starting the afternoon of Friday September 19, concluding late afternoon Sunday September 21. Liu Hi Ba Fa, Push Hands, Tai chi and Qigong. Stay tuned for updates on our social media sites, or I can send you a pricing sheet via email if you are interested. Also reach Sifu Tom Hardy for questions at 610-353-8609. John C was travelling recently and cheering on family members at athletic events (congrats to his son Matt for qualifying for the Ironman triathlon this fall).  Birthday shout out this week also to Esther K. Marilyn thanks for the chat. Practicing our balance on the large river rocks at historic St Peters Village with Deborah O. I tried out the wellness practitioner networking event Get Fit Happy Hour on 7/23 at Kinetic Physical Therapy and met some like minded area folks. Social Media Roundup:  New followers in out Twittersphere @tommycaro from Maryland and and @TaoFlowing,  Welcome new Pinterest followers Susan E, and Terry.  Welcome a reader in Argentina to our WordPress site.


  • Wrap-up of recent classes: Five Colored Clouds Around the Mountain qigong set. Play the Pan Pan review. Evening Blue Buddha class started with coiling/silk reeling and more practice on the Five Elements. More discussion about building and releasing energy during our White Crane Spreads Wings, and importance of the bubbling well spring. Evening Blue Buddha class we worked on the five elements, stance forms and part II of the Yang 108 long form.  A full slate variety of classes this past Thursday: morning park Golden Lotus Qigong, afternoon Y the Eight Powers, evening pharmacy the complete 3 part 108 Yang Long Form set.


  • General Weekly Schedule:






  1. Lionville YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA


  1. Blue Buddha Studio, 1247 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore PA



$15 drop-in

  1. 45 pm


  1. 15 pm


  1. Lionville Community YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA




  1. 30 am



  1. Miller Park 220 Miller Way (off of Waterloo Blvd) Exton PA   Drop in whichever hour you can attend, it is $15 per hour


  1. Lionville YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA


  1. Lionville Holistic Health Center Natural Pharmacy, 309 Gordon Drive in Exton PA

$15 p/hour





$25 drop-in

(90 mins)

  1. 30am to 8.30a


  1. 45 pm


  1. 00 pm


  1. Student practice session/no instructor: Lionville YMCA


  1. Daytime private lesson available pending schedule, by request



See instructor

  1. 30 am


See instructor


  1. Blue Buddha Studio, 1247 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore PA

$25 drop-in

(90 min)

12:00 pm


  • Follow these links to our social media presence on the web:



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Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice      


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