Reboot: United Tai Chi Digest 9/16/14

    • fallleaves
    • With the change of seasons in late September, the recent Harvest Moon, and things impacting my personal and professional life this month, it is a good time (as a friend said) to let things go and start anew. In the past week I have had to practice the art of listening, understanding, receiving, and flexibility. Also a little more experience in the Daoist principles of communing with nature, and animals. And just like in our story about Velvet Bricks, I still need to keep reminding myself that though soft on the outside, one of my goals is to be strong on the inside.  This is also a great time to ping-back to my September 2013 blog on Spirituality in Internal Arts. Enjoy! And as always I thank you for your readership, support and friendship.
    • September Voting Plea: Please support tai chi in your community and vote in The Daily Local News 2014 Readers Poll. Write in United Tai Chi under the “Fitness Center” category here at this link. Voting ends September 19.
    • New Class Alerts: Christian will be teaching a Tai Chi class through Chester County Night School this fall. It is on Monday nights at 7:30pm at East Bradford Elementary School in West Chester, starting on September 29. A package of 7 classes is $72 per student. Use this link here to register through CCNS. The Thursday 7pm classes that used to be at Lionville Natural Pharmacy have moved to Kokikai Akido School at 1209 Ward Ave in West Chester.  Saturday noon classes at the Blue Buddha have ended for the time being, perhaps until next spring. The Thursday morning qigong classes at Miller Park will end on September 18. Excluding the YMCA and CCNS, remaining classes are $20 per hour. During construction, the Wednesday morning class at the YMCA starts at 7:15am and lasts 45 minutes.


    • News & Events: Welcome back Chris M. Happy Birthday to Deborah O, Chris S, Pat M and Ron N. Thank you to all the students who joined us at the new site for Thursday night classes at Kokikai Akido School building, and instruction from John A and Ted N for Sunday morning session at the Dragon Gym this past weekend –including the tai chi long sword.  Be sure and ask Steve G and Phil G how their Harvest Moon tai chi practice went on September 8th.  The tai chi sessions at Wakulla Springs Florida with Master Huang (sifu) will be held October 19-26 for “The Soul of Internal Arts”, and October 27 to November 2 for “The Soul of Tai Chi Pushing Hands”. For lodging information and pricing see  Also for those of you who can’t make it to Wakulla, Sifu Huang is holding a weekend workshop in Broomall PA this weekend, September 19-21 at the Masonic Lodge. Liu Hi Ba Fa, Push Hands, Tai chi and Qigong. Registration details are on this linked flyer. Also reach Sifu Tom Hardy for questions at 610-353-8609.
    • Social Media Roundup Welcome @BaguaTiger to our twittersphere, also  Yat-Fun Y and Jorg B new followers on our Pinterest page.
    • General Weekly Schedule:
    Monday Chester County Night School, East Bradford Elementary in West Chester.   Starts September 29. Package of 7 classes, purchase through $72 for 7 7:30p
    Tuesday Lionville YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA

    Blue Buddha Studio,  1247 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore PA


    $20 p/hour

    4.45 pm

    7.15 pm

    Wednesday Lionville Community YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA Membership 7.15 am
    Thursday Lionville YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA

    Kokikai Akido School  1209 Ward Ave, West Chester (2 hour class, at $20 per hour)


    $20 p/hour

    4.45 pm

    7.00 pm

    Friday Student practice session/no instructor:  Lionville YMCA

    Daytime private lesson available pending schedule, by request


    See instructor

    7.30 am

    See instructor


    • Follow these links to our social media presence on the web:



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    Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

    Kathleen Rice



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