LAYERS: United Tai Chi digest 11/10/14

  • In many parts of the US, in recent weeks folks have begun the process of layering. Dressing their children to wait at the bus stop for the early morning chill, or preparing ourselves for outdoor activities to be reactive to the changing temperature as the day’s light and sun position play our their autumn story. Nielsen consumer insights in 2012 had included in their Breakthrough Innovation Awards program Trident Layers And of course Ogres (Shrek), like onions, have layers. And here is the fun ‘living the art’ part. Just like gum, Shrek and kids winter clothes, our tai chi practice has layers, or if you prefer, levels or stages. The Human Stage, the Earth Stage and the Sky Stage. The human stage is punctuated by lightness (qing), slowness (man), circular movement (yuan) and constant rate (yun). Through years of practice, one may next reach the earth stage, with its principals of agility (ling), relaxation (song), and sinking (chen). The next goal is the sky stage, with its focus on the mental training. Emptiness and solidity, breathing, consciousness, void and stillness (xujing). These stages are covered in more detail in Tsun Hwa Jou’s “The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation”, which some of your fellow local students have a copy to borrow.  What is your story of layers this month, or how have internalized a picture of some of your own goals?
  • Shares/Finds: A fun lighthearted look at speed Sifu training. An article on how Tai Chi offers anti-aging benefits at the cellular level. And in case you missed it our book review for Robin Gamble’s new The Power of Tai Chi Chuan online here


  • Student News & Events: Join us for the monthly Exton Dragon Gym Sunday session with fellow instructors Al Tolbert, John Armstrong and Ted Nawalinski on November 23 at 10 am. Please join me in thanking all of our veterans this week (and every week), including our local instructor Christian! If local students would once again like to participate in the YMCA’s Angel Tree program and collectively purchase holiday gifts for one child in the Delaware Valley Children’s Charity community, let me know and we can get this organized soon. You guys did such a great job of this last year.
  • Social Media Roundup: Thank you Guy Tomash of Slanted Flying, and Robin Gamble of Warrior Strategy for the book review commentary. Thank you to our new followers, sharers or readers on the following platforms: (Twitter) Lori @JujitsuSensei and Rick @chevyrep. (Pinterest) check out boards from new fans MartialArtsConnect and Simone T (Facebook) Welcome Gal from Brooklyn, and Albert from El Paso to our FB fans page. (WordPress) Welcome first time readers to our blog from Denmark, Poland, Thailand and Romania.
  • General Weekly Schedule:
Tuesday Lionville YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA

Blue Buddha Studio,  1247 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore PA


$20 p/hour

4.45 pm

7.15 pm

Wednesday Lionville Community YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA Membership 7.30 am
Thursday Lionville YMCA, 100 Devon Drive, Exton PA

Kokikai Akido School  1209 Ward Ave, West Chester (2 hour class, at $20 per hour)


$20 p/hour

4.45 pm

7.00 pm

Friday Student practice session/no instructor:  Lionville YMCA

Daytime private lesson available pending schedule, by request


See instructor

7.30 am

See instructor


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Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice

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