Year of the Goat: United Tai Chi digest 1/5/15

  • We have just christened 2015, the year of the goat. One of the yin Chinese zodiac signs, the goat is stable, sympathetic, kind-hearted, compassionate and willing to sacrifice his or her own interests to help others. Goats in different birth years are linked to different elements. Many water goats (b. 1943) share the art of music–including Janis Joplin, George Harrison, John Denver, Barry Manilow, Joni Mitchell and Jim Croce. Known for his environmentalism, Denver seemed to be aligned with the Taoist principles of communing with nature, respecting and drawing inspiration from earth’s elements. Harrison, known as the “quiet Beatle”, had an abiding interest in Eastern philosophies, instruments and meditation. Creative thinkers like Bill Nye, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were each born in a wood goat year, 1955. After Jobs’ death, internal arts blogger Paul Read (bean curd boxer) wrote of him “let us welcome the new interpreters, the Yang Chen Fus and Chen Man Ch’ings. Those who evolved the art and took the risk of rejection…just like the I Ching tells us to do. Just like the applications teach us to do.”  Were you born in a year of the goat? Share your story with us. And let us start out 2015 with compassion, kindness and sacrifice.
  • New Event & Class Alert: Christian will be holding a Saturday QiGong workshop on January 17 at Kokikai Akido School (1209 Ward Ave in West Chester). Time slot is 10am to 12pm, and pricing is $20 per hour. He is also a returning Tai Chi instructor for the Chester County Night School program. Dates January 7th to February 11th at Henderson High School in West Chester. Fees $62 bulk rate per person for six classes. Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. Register at this link. Also, regarding some of our Lionville YMCA classes, the Tuesday/Thursday afternoon class has changed temporarily during construction to 4.30pm and last 45 minutes. Join us Sunday January 18 at 10:00 am for a session with Masters Tolbert and Armstrong at Dragon Gym in Exton.
  • Recent Quotes: “As a tool for developing life skills and improving my life, I can think of few things that have done me as much good as starting martial arts training.” Mike Massie, Martial Arts Business Daily
  • Student News & Events: Chris M shared with me via Gmail this great story of enlightenment in her search for Crane vs. Snake debate answers. “On the way to yoga I looked along the roadway at a bird that caught my eye–a white crane! It had a snake in its mouth. The snake was contorting itself in all ways possible. The white crane, with its elegant, elongated curved beak, had all the advantages. White crane trumps snake. That crane, as fragile as it seems, has all the advantages. It speaks tai chi principles on several levels. Words that come to mind: don’t muscle in to a tense situation.” Our condolences to Marcia on the loss of a loved one after an illness. Pray for the families of those lost on AirAsia 8501. Thank you to the Tolberts for hosting many Tai Chi friends at a post-holiday social this weekend. I am watching my new betta fish DiNozzo, who demonstrates the principles of snake spine, bones like water, adapting to your environment, and moving meditation. Master Tolbert introduced us to Qi Journal which you can check out here.
  • Social Media Roundup: Welcome our new followers, sharers or readers on the following platforms: (Twitter) @MUNIOdefense , @QiGongiiQG, @LucasKitchen and @FerguJames. (Pinterest) Check out the boards of our new fans Sara A and Dominic B.(Facebook) Ben T, from whom I found Martial Arts Business Daily and Monica C from the Azores.  And thank you Sifu Chris Bouguyon (National Qi Gong Association board of directors) for connecting with me on LinkedIn.
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Have a great week, and may all your armpits have tuna sandwiches.

Kathleen Rice

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