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Weather Channel: United Tai Chi digest 1/19/15

  • This weekend the North East and Mid –Atlantic region of the US were showered with a coat of freezing rain, resulting in many automobile accidents. Concerns of flooding grew as the temperature rose a bit later in the day. These are examples of water’s destructive rather than creative personality. In the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, water is associated with the season of winter. During winter in this hemisphere, some humans tend to “hibernate”, not unlike bears. It is a darker season, with short daylight hours and less incidence of pleasant outdoor blooming flora. With less light in our eyes, some experience a phenomenon currently known as Seasonal Affective Disorder –an anagram that literally spells SAD. It is important to note at this time of year (though many lose interest), physical activity is one of the major deterrents of SAD. Internal arts practitioners would certainly include the practices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation. On an icy surface, people are more likely to fall, so developing a greater sense of internal and external balance, intention, leg strength and flexibility come in handy. We become more aware of our surroundings. Be sure and get some “golden light” in your eyes in the coming days. Giving back to others is one of those “lights” –share with us how you spent your Martin Luther King day of service.
  • Shares/Finds: For those studying the 24 Form (sometimes called the Tai Chi short form), Best Tai Chi Videos site posted this video.
  • Student News & Events: Appreciation for those of us who joined UTC for Christian’s Qi Gong workshop at Kokikai Akido School this weekend– a study in connections and internal balance. Master Armstrong encountered weather/travel issues this weekend and will reschedule his monthly Sunday morning session at Dragon Gym. Sincere condolences from our Tai Chi family to Martina on the loss of a loved one last month. Anyone with birthdays to share in February, let me know for a blog mention next time. Hello to our snowbirds who are spending the winter in warmer climates, hope to see you back in the spring.
  • Social Media Roundup: Welcome our new followers, sharers or readers on the following platforms: (Twitter) @YjtcNpc , @goldduster96 and @dogperson77. Our friends at Lighthouse Tai Chi in the UK report snow and ice there as well. (Facebook) Maria M and Raydoune Z joined us recently. (Pinterest) Check out the boards of our new follower Joseph M. (WordPress) Thank you for making our last blog –Year of the Goat our third most read title in the past 12 months!